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Double-eccentric ball Valve

Product Description:

The eccentric ball valve is mainly applied to transmit sedimentary, deposted, crystallizable, and some much impurity mediums, and designed as an eccentric structure – wedging sealing principle, actuated by a dring mechanism to tighten, control flow and open/close valve. It is mainly designed normal half ball valve and V type half ball valve, the later also has control flow function except normal function, compering with normal half ball valve.

Technical Specifications

Design standard: API 6D、GB/T 12224
Face to face standard: ASME B16.10、GB/T 12221
Flange ends: ASME B16.5、GB/T 9113
Pressure test:API 598、GB/T 13927

Product Specifications

Body material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel
Nominal diameter:  2"~24(DN50~DN600)
Pressure range: Class150~300(PN16~PN50)
Working temperature:-46℃~560℃
Operation :  wrench, worm gear, electric,etc.

Design Features

With a novel design, stable performance, swift start-up, self-compensated sealing after being abrasive damaged.
Large flow area with small flow resistance, high hardness of sealing parts and easy for repairing and maintenance.
It can bread scaling deposited on the sealing surface by itself during operation without “dead area”, overcoming the disadvantages of normal valves, such as easy to scar , easy to be blocked, easily leaking, short life, etc.Able to break scaling by itself for facilitating the valve open, with no “dead area”, overcoming the disadvantages of common valves, such as easy to scar , easy to be blocked, easily leaking, short life, etc.


Electricity, petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, metallurgy, aerospaceand other industries

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