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Fully-welded Ball Valve

Product Description:

The fully-weled ball valve adopts forged material , welded body, instead of bolts and nuts,to aviod any potential leakage from body.
The forged body with regular structure and even thickness can avoid shrinkage cavities, pin holes, cracks, sand holes and other defects occurring to casted valves.

Technical Specifications

Design standard: ISO14313 、API 6D、BS 5351、GB/T 19672
Face to face standard: ASME B16.10、GB/T 12221
Flange ends: ASME B16.5、ASME B16.47 、GB/T 9113
Fire safe design:API 6FA 、API 607
Pressure test:API 6D、API 598、GB/T 13927    

Product Specifications

Body material: low-temperature carbon steel, carbon steel
Nominal diameter:2"~60"(DN50~DN1500)
Pressure range:Class150~2500(PN10~PN420)
Working temperature:-46℃~+200℃
Operation:Wrench, worm gear, electric , pneumatic , gas over oil actuator and electro-hydraulic actuator. 

Design Features

Simple structure with good tightness and small torque;
With a fully-welded valve body, full bore and the minimum flow resistance (zero actually);
Fire safe, anti-static and anti-blowout stem desjgn;
Valve seat function DBB, DIB-1, DIB-2;
Be able to be used for underground installation without corrosion of interior parts, therefore, it is the best application for petroleum and natural gas lines;
Service life up to 30 years.


Long distance pipe lines for petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, light industry, power station, urban construction water supply, as well as oil, gas and natural gas transmission and so on

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